Food at the Fair: Official Cook Book

The 1939 officially approved New York World’s Fair Cook Book provided “a selection of recipes from the six geographical sections of the United States.” There are typical selections such as New England Chowder and Maryland Crab Cakes, as well as more unusual recipes such as Kentucky Burgoo, a stew of squirrels, birds, oysters, and vegetables.

*For the rest of the month we are blogging all things food at the New York World’s Fairs. Bon Appétit!*

New York World’s Fair Cook Book: The American Kitchen by Crosby Gaige in the Collection on the 1939/1940 New York World’s Fair. Queens Museum. 1989.40.1WF39




THE FALL - Diogo Mainardi

This is a remarkable book - described in 424 steps.

Step 1: Diogo’s son Tito has cerebral palsy
Step 2: I blame Tito’s cerbral Palsy on Pietro Lombardo

Begininning with Tito’s disastrous birth, Diogo Mainardi and his son proceed on a journey that follows a unique arc of Western culture – Rembrandt to Neil Young, Auschwitz to Assassin’s Creed, Abbott & Costello to Dante Alighieri. It’s about Fatherhood, love, and of the hope and faith we place in our children.

The design charts each of Tito’s steps - from Tito to Father. From Napolean to Venice, from Dante to Ezra Pound and so on.

Eventually Tito’s journey takes on the form of a constellation – the main satellites of which are Tito’s family, the cities he lives in, and the hospital where the story begins. While not all of the journey is described, following the numbered steps can offer an insight into how one boy’s fate has been shaped by history. 

The Fall will be published by Harvill Secker in May.

Who designed this?? I feel it needs 2 question marks because it’s so cool, but seriously does anyone know??